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Access Technologies Group (ATG), an e-learning pioneer and a leader in technology-based soft skills training, has extensive experience helping public, private, and non-profit organizations develop - in both incumbent and potential employees, including people with visible and hidden disabilities - the attitudes and behaviors necessary to enter, re-enter, and succeed in the workplace. ATG has developed specialized soft skills curricula for local, state, and federal governmental and non-profit agencies.

Recent surveys of employers show that the greatest deficiencies among new entrants to the workforce and workers with employment barriers are not in their technical or "hard skills," but rather their interpersonal abilities and personal qualities called "soft skills." Knowing how to use a cash register's functions is is a hard skill, for example, while communicating well with customers during checkout is a soft skill. Other soft skills include organizing, teamwork, flexibility, problem solving, multicultural sensitivity, problem-solving, and leadership to name just a few. Unlike hard skills, which are job-specific, soft skills are needed to succeed in nearly all occupations and industries. Soft skills gaps adversely affect a person's ability to get and keep a job, and are evidenced in all socio-economic levels.

Soft Skill Simulations

Upon identifying a need for a more robust, flexible, and cost-efficient e-learning tool to build and reinforce soft skills, ATG developed Simentor®, its flagship product. This patented technology allows learners to acquire and practice important soft skills in an immersive "real-world" setting. Simentor e-learning courses combine simulation and mentoring to enhance a learner's knowledge and performance in a cost-effective, self-directed way.

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Our Philosophy

It is ATG's belief that training can be more engaging, impactful, relevant, and cost-effective by combining the best of e-learning and instructor-led training (ILT).

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