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Recent surveys of employers show that the greatest deficiencies among new entrants to the workforce and workers with employment barriers are not in their technical or "hard skills," but rather their interpersonal abilities and personal qualities called "soft skills." Knowing how to use a cash register's functions is a hard skill, for example, while communicating well with customers during checkout is a soft skill. Other soft skills include organizing, teamwork, flexibility, problem solving, multicultural sensitivity, and leadership to name just a few.

Unlike hard skills, which are job-specific, soft skills are needed to succeed in nearly all occupations and industries. Soft skills gaps adversely affect a person’s ability to get and keep a job, and are evidenced in workers of all ages and socio-economic levels. ATG has a number of offerings to build, strengthen, and reinforce soft skills in jobseekers and employees.

Jobseeker Training

ATG has developed a comprehensive Job Search and Interview Skills simulation that presents a simple yet effective job search process, as well as information, tools, and practice that will improve one’s chances of interview success. Topics include:

  • Identifying one’s job market opportunities
  • Networking
  • Résumé writing
  • Cover letter development
  • Planning, implementing, and tracking job search activities in a disciplined and systematic way
  • Completing job applications
  • Effectively preparing for, participating in, and following up on job interviews.

This simulation provides a wealth of useful information and worksheets, and enables learners to practice communicating with potential employers during three simulated conversations: a telephone screening, a face-to-face interview, and a follow-up call. Importantly, customized versions of the training have been created to meet the specific needs of veterans and former offenders.

Another simulation, Disclosing Your Disability or Recovery Status, is designed to improve one’s decision-making and communication skills related to revealing a disability or addiction history during the employment process or once on-the-job.

ATG has also developed simulations to support case managers in their work with jobseekers, including those with employment barriers such as long-term employment, addictions, mental health issues, and criminal histories. Current topics for employment facilitators include:

  • Helping Jobseekers Identify Strengths and Competencies
  • Supporting Jobseekers Through Stages of Change
  • Strengthening Job Search and Employment Confidence

ATG plans to develop additional courseware and tools to support jobseekers and their service providers over time, and we welcome the opportunity to undertake custom job search and workplace readiness projects. An e-learning course that we completed for a state agency, for example, teaches jobseekers how to conduct an effective online job search. This program has been very successful not only in increasing jobseekers’ skills and confidence using the internet to find and apply for jobs, but also their comfort with technology in general.

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Employee Training

ATG offers simulation-based training to help employees work more cooperatively and productively through improved attitudes, behaviors, communication, and ability to handle common workplace challenges. ATG simulations are available for licensing “off-the-shelf,” or can be developed or customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. Current topics in our continually growing simulation library include:

  • Courteous Communication in the Workplace
  • Minding Your Manners at Work
  • Doing Your Job with a “Can-Do” Attitude
  • Building Successful Work Relationships
  • Clear and Confident Workplace Communication
  • Active Listening: Hear What Supervisors, Co-Workers, and Customers are Really Saying
  • Creating a Positive Customer Experience
  • Addressing Concerns in the Workplace
  • Addressing Recovery-Related Concerns
  • Interacting with Difficult People in the Workplace
  • Handling Workplace Conflict
  • Dealing with Workplace Criticism
  • Disclosing Your Disability or Recovery Status

While the above simulations are appropriate for any age, ATG has also written and developed a job readiness curriculum specifically for young adults. Soft Skills Academy is an evidenced-based e-learning tool designed to build awareness and skills in the area of workplace soft skills. This series of courses works for all youth, regardless of their reading levels, prior experience, or capabilities, and may be appropriate for adults with limited work experience as well. Topic areas, which were identified by industry and curriculum experts, include communicating respectfully and professionally; teamwork, cooperation, and working with others; networking; problem solving and critical thinking skills; adding value at work; enthusiasm; and professionalism.

In addition, ATG has the experience and capability to develop custom e-learning in a wide range of areas, including selling skills, product and process knowledge, compliance, and HR issues.

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