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FaciliTest™ is a test engine that creates and administers tests online, and provides detailed performance reports. These reports are a useful tool in assessing training effectiveness, as well as ensuring that any regulatory and compliance requirements are met.

FaciliTest™ comes bundled with IndustryTrain®. Tests can be posted on IndustryTrain®, an intranet, or the internet.

FaciliTest™ is menu-driven, guiding the test creator each step of the way. It offers a great deal of flexibility without requiring programming skills.

  • Seven different question types are available.
  • Tests can be structured by topic.
  • Test items can be pulled from a larger bank of questions and/or randomized.
  • Tests can be untimed, or a time limit can be set.

With FaciliTest™, learners receive immediate feedback on each answer - meaning that even incorrect responses provide a learning opportunity. This is strengthened by the ability of test creators to link to relevant review material on a question-specific basis.

ATG is a strong proponent of testing learners before training to gauge existing knowledge and skills, and after training to measure improvement and mastery. While FaciliTest™can be quickly learned and utilized by client organizations, ATG welcomes the opportunity to develop tests to supplement any e-learning or simulation development projects for which we are engaged.

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