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Elearning Philosophy

It is ATG’s experience that the success of an organization’s training initiative is strongly influenced by:

The Soft Skills Imperative

Recent surveys of employers show that the greatest deficiencies among new entrants to the workforce and workers with employment barriers are not in their technical or “hard skills,” but rather their interpersonal abilities and personal qualities called “soft skills.” Knowing how to use a cash register’s functions is a hard skill, for example, while communicating well with customers during checkout is a soft skill. Other soft skills include organizing, teamwork, flexibility, problem solving, multicultural sensitivity, problem-solving, and leadership to name just a few.

Unlike hard skills, which are job-specific, soft skills are needed to succeed in nearly all occupations and industries. They are critical to fostering cooperation and productivity in the workplace, and can make or break how an organization is perceived by its customers and clients. Organizations cannot, therefore, afford to ignore this important area of training.

ATG offers a comprehensive array of simulation training to help jobseekers and employees become more successful through improved attitudes, behaviors, communication, and ability to handle common workplace challenges.

Integrated Training Approach

To be most effective, an organization’s training programs must be part of a comprehensive learning plan and linked to its goals and strategy. When a training initiative is undertaken with this mindset, a wide range of benefits - including significant competitive advantage - can be achieved. ATG has extensive experience consulting with organizations to:

  • Assess and prioritize training requirements
  • Perform gap analysis of learners based on objectives and skill standards
  • Determine the most effective delivery vehicles
  • Implement appropriate registration and measurement tool
  • Develop and deliver curriculum as required

Furthermore, it is ATG's belief that training can be more engaging, impactful, relevant, and cost-effective by combining the best of e-learning and instructor-led training (ILT). While well-designed e-learning can certainly be effective as standalone training, it can also serve to introduce, complement, and/or augment ILT. E-Learning enforced as a prerequisite to ILT, for example, ensures a baseline level of knowledge by all learners prior to coming together in a classroom setting, allowing the instructor to make the best use of his or her time with the group.

Training strategy

To learn more about this and other “blended learning” strategies, read our whitepaper titled Effective Integration of Technology and Instructor-Led Training to Promote Soft Skills Mastery.

Learner Engagement

Training will be most effective if it:

  • Is interesting and applicable to learners’ daily lives
  • Stretches learners to consider new information and perspectives
  • Allows learners to try out new skills and behaviors
  • Is available for ongoing reference and practice

It is with these goals in mind that ATG developed its patented Simentor® simulation-based training platform. ATG’s simulations allow learners to role-play common workplace situations in a penalty-free environment. A friendly mentor patiently explains why each answer selected throughout the course was either an appropriate choice or a less-than-ideal one. Useful background information and "how-to" tips for demonstrating the desired skills and behaviors - both during the course and in "real life" - are provided in a printer-friendly format. In addition, the learner can take the course as many times as needed to achieve mastery and confidence in the subject matter.

Learn more about the features and benefits of simulations developed with ATG’s unique Simentor® tool…

Accommodating Users' Needs

ATG is committed to accommodating the needs of the broadest range of users, including those with disabilities. We have taken steps to ensure that all learners can experience our Soft Skills Academy curriculum, as well as our library of simulations, as fully as possible. We provide on-screen text in reader-friendly fonts, professionally recorded voiceover, printable content, clear navigation buttons and instructions, volume control, and the ability to set zoom level for fonts and images. Magnification software is supported, and text-based equivalents, which are screen-reader-friendly, are provided for all non-text elements. Furthermore, all additional Section 508 requirements that are applicable to e-learning courseware are met.

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Benefits of Our Platform

ATG's learning platform benefits not only the learners when experiencing the training, but also the company or organization through which the training is made available.

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