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Simentor®, ATG's flagship product, is a proven and patented simulation-based e-learning tool. It targets "soft skills," or the abilities and personal qualities needed to succeed across all occupations and industries.

Simentor® allows learners to acquire and practice important soft skills in an immersive "real-world" setting. Nearly any process or situation that involves interacting with others can be effectively simulated using Simentor®. These include external interactions such as sales, customer service, and vendor management, as well as internal interactions that take place upward, downward, laterally, and cross-functionally within an organization.

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Learners interact with simulated characters in realistic scenarios focusing on soft skills. Importantly, characters respond with visual cues, voiceover, and onscreen text to reinforce subtle learning points.
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Learners can be presented with a variety of background information and takeaway materials to assist them in performing well -- both within the learning module and in "real-life" situations.
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Learners can be provided with opportunities to check their understanding in key areas, with useful and constructive feedback provided by a friendly virtual mentor.
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Simulation authors have a great deal of flexibility as to how the modules are structured and displayed, allowing them to design for maximum engagement and effectiveness.

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ATG simulations provide a depth and breadth of information, with a focus on actionable strategies for attitude and behavior change. They also offer valuable opportunities to practice targeted skills during interactions with on-screen characters. These realistic, context-specific role-plays mirror situations and challenges that learners will face on the job, equipping them to generalize their skills to the workplace. View a list of ATG's current soft skills simulation titles…

Simentor® provides instant visual cues reflecting the on-screen character's approval, disapproval, or neutrality through facial expression, body language, and tone of voice. This affective response provides feedback as to the appropriateness of the learner’s choice of dialog.

This is reinforced by a friendly virtual mentor, who pleasantly explains why the learner's selection produced the positive, negative, or neutral reaction that he or she received from the character.

Simentor®'s unique combination of simulation and mentoring support enhances a learner's knowledge and performance in a self-directed, reinforcing, and cost-effective way. Employers and service providers who have implemented ATG's simulations, as well as the learners themselves, consistently praise their level of realism, engagement, and effectiveness. Below is an overview of Simentor®'s benefits from both perspectives.

Simentor® Benefits

Employers and Service Providers


  • Impactful: Focuses on actual behavior change and performance improvement, not just knowledge acquisition
  • Flexible: Can be used to prepare learners for classroom training and/or later reinforce it, or serve as a fully integrated component of a comprehensive blended learning strategy
  • Consistent: Ensures a learning experience that is always thorough and well-delivered, yet reflective of each learner's "performance" during the training
  • Efficient: Increases the ability of workforce development staff to support a large number of people who may be working to develop different skills
  • Effective: Establishes a baseline level of knowledge and skills among learners, enabling trainers to focus their efforts on addressing problem areas and expanding on course content with meaningful discussions and extension activities


  • Engaging: Actively involves learners through role-play, motivating them to complete the training and retain what they've learned
  • Relevant: Strengthens successful workplace behaviors and best practices using real-life situations and meaningful feedback
  • Patient: Allows learners to work through the training at their own pace, and provides opportunities for unlimited repetition
  • Non-Judgmental: Provides guidance and suggestions in a positive and constructive way, helping learners feel comfortable trying out new behaviors in a penalty-free environment
  • Empowering: Available on-demand, offering learners control over when and how often the training is used – while also bolstering their confidence in applying their new skills
  • Rewarding: A certificate available upon successful completion of the training provides a sense of accomplishment, increases self-esteem, and fosters a can-do attitude
  • Secondary benefits: In addition to improving the targeted skills, also builds learners' English literacy and computer proficiency


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