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Commercial Workforce Development

ATG has developed a wide range of e-learning courses and simulations to introduce, strengthen, and reinforce important on-the-job knowledge and skills. We've also built applications to help employers capture and track competency and performance information. Below is an overview of simulations, custom projects, and other tools created for a business audience.

Workplace Soft Skills Simulations

ATG offers simulation training to help employees work more cooperatively and productively through improved attitudes, behaviors, communication, and ability to handle common workplace challenges. Current topics in our continually growing simulation library include:

  • Courteous Communication in the Workplace
  • Minding Your Manners at Work
  • Doing Your Job with a “Can-Do” Attitude
  • Building Successful Work Relationships
  • Clear and Confident Workplace Communication
  • Active Listening: Hear What Supervisors, Co-Workers, and Customers are Really Saying
  • Creating a Positive Customer Experience
  • Addressing Concerns in the Workplace
  • Addressing Recovery-Related Concerns
  • Interacting with Difficult People in the Workplace
  • Handling Workplace Conflict
  • Dealing with Workplace Criticism
  • Disclosing Your Disability or Recovery Status

ATG simulations are available for licensing "off-the-shelf," or can be developed or customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Learn more about Simentor®, ATG's unique and patented simulation training platform.

Custom Projects

ATG has successfully created a wide range of e-learning modules in the areas of sales skills, compliance, product introductions, job-specific knowledge, HR issues, and more, as well as numerous performance management tools. Below is a sampling.

  • Solutions-Oriented Selling Skills
    ATG developed a series of simulations for a major provider of Communications products and services. Emphasis was on equipping sales staff and resellers to identify customer “pain points” and recommend an appropriate and compelling solution from the organization’s comprehensive portfolio of offerings.
  • Accounting Fundamentals
    ATG developed a web-based training application with multiple focused learning areas, using a host character and voice-overs to simulate a teacher/student one-to-one interaction, numerous embedded interactions, and embedded post-assessments.
  • E-Procurement Fundamentals
    A leader-led course that was taught at a leading NE engineering university was developed into an online course. A key component of the development of this application was ATG's ability to provide resources to research and develop the required content to meet the needs of the targeted audience. The training course was designed, developed, and delivered in under eight weeks and exceeded the client's expectations.
  • Healthcare-Related Businesses
    Numerous web-based curricula were developed to teach selling skills, HIPAA compliance, and product training. All included robust interactivity, embedded testing, pre and post testing, simulated environments for software and selling skills, and learner management.
  • Call Center Agent Customer Service Training
    A leading publisher engaged ATG to provide high-quality telephone sales training to its call center representatives responsible for selling its corporate library of courses. The curriculum addressed basic call agent skills, call agent functions, consultative selling in a CRM environment, customer service and support, and communication media functions and etiquette. ATG identified the content and provided design and development services for this 12 hour comprehensive call center agent skills training.
  • Web-Based Learning Portal
    A major manufacturer of cell phones and other electronics needed a single source of product and market information and training for its global sales force and distribution channels. ATG performed a comprehensive assessment, and developed a web-based learning portal. ATG used its wide array of available e-learning experts from all areas of our business, including Consultants, Instructional Designers, Development Staff, Graphic Designers, Quality Assurance Personnel, and Project Managers.
  • Web-Based Training Modules on Products, Services, and Processes
    ATG introduced e-learning to a major telecommunications giant in early 1996 to train its vast sales force and reseller channel partners. ATG developed a comprehensive web site to provide many hours of web-based training on the company products and services, as well as a feedback mechanism for comments and questions that were automatically routed to the appropriate department in the company for a response.
  • Knowledge Assessment Application
    Determining the competencies of employees is a daunting task. ATG designed an online application to assess users' abilities in various competency areas, the end result of which was a graphical representation of his or her strengths and weaknesses by competency. At that point the user could then access a dynamic online version of the company training and development guide to select applicable courses to address areas of deficiency and build a personal development plan. Completed personal development plans were emailed to the user's manager for review and feedback based on his or her assessment results. This information was then stored in a database for future access and reporting.
  • Time Management Skills
    A major investment firm came to ATG to develop a web-based application to train their employees on time management skills. The training was segmented by the employee's job, skills, and/or knowledge. The ultimate goal was to enable the employee to be more productive in their day.
  • Business Writing Skills Fundamentals
    Writing skills are difficult for most people, yet they can play a significant role in job success. ATG developed a comprehensive business writing course, including fully researching and writing the content, which included embedded self-test, as well as pre- and post-tests.

Additional ATG Offerings

ATG also provides a wide range of products and services to complement our custom e-learning and simulation-based training. These include:

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